Eveningwear Set 1


Set One in the Evening range of clothes for Gene, Tyler Kitty Collier, Emme and friends consists of a fitted and lined Gown, Gloves, a choice of Stole/Wrap/Scarf and Evening Purse.

Esme is modelling Set One made up in a very modern look. The dress has been made using a sequined fabric and is very fitted to her body. A net lining has been used to give body to the lower frill of the dress. Her tiny purse/bag is made to match her skirt.

This ensemble could be easily made in 30's/40's/50's design for Gene..think of a 30's style slim fitting evening 'slip' type of gown. Jean Harlow style!  Don't forget you can submit your own ideas and colours.

It's what Couture really means!