'Once Upon A Time' - Cinderella's  Magical Pumpkin Coach Ensemble




'Once Upon A Time' is part of new deluxe Collection of miniature dolls I have created with attention to authenticity, intricate detail and using only fine fabrics.

‘The magical pumpkin coach with its snowy white ponies and smartly dressed coachmen made its way towards the royal palace. Prince Charming had never seen such a beautiful princess and welcomed Cinderella as she stepped down from the magnificent carriage.’

A stunning one-twelfth scale pumpkin coach on a golden frame with two white ponies, driver, footman, Cinderella and Prince Charming. 

This stunning golden pumpkin coach is a special limited edition of only four pieces and has been patiently hand crafted with the finest attention to detail. The metal chassis has been hand made in England and holds the pumpkin coach so that it appears to float over the frame. The driver’s seat, steps, carriage seat and footman’s platform were all hand crafted by Angelique from covered card and embellished with gold braid. 

The pumpkin carriage (also made by Angelique) is hand painted in glittery gold and further decorated with braid and filigrees. The inside of the pumpkin is lined with shirred two-tone pure silk and more gold braid. The coach (without ponies) measures approx: 11 inches long, 6 inches tall and 6 inches across at the widest part. (With ponies this piece is approx. 16 to 17 inches long).

Pulling the magnificent magical coach are two equally magical white ponies that were once Cinderella's little mice friends, before the Fairy godmother waved her wand! Now they are both standing very proud with two-tone pink/gold coats edged in gold braid and their hooves painted with glittery golden paint. Jewelled flowers decorate their heads along with pink feather plumes and their bridles match the braid on their coats. Each little pony stands approx: 6 to 7 inches tall to the top of the plumes and 5 and a half inches long.

Each of Cinderella's coachmen is individually hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain by Angelique and stands approx: six inches tall. Each man is dressed smartly in rich dark green silk breeches and matching coat decorated with golden braid. Lace cuffs peep out from underneath the deep sleeve cuffs and a lacy jabot hangs at the neck. Both men wear long real leather boots and a typical Georgian style wig with short ponytail at the back tied with a black silk ribbon bow.

Handsome Prince Charming is also handcrafted by Angelique in fine bisque porcelain and stands six inches tall. His fashionable cream silk jacquard suit is edged in fancy cream and gold braid and is worn over a rich gold silk brocade long waistcoat. A delicate jewelled lace jabot decorates his neck. Fine ivory silk, lace-trimmed shirt sleeves peep from under the deep cuffs on his jacket and his breeches finish at the knees with bead trimmed bands. Below silk stockings are gold painted shoes with elegant heels, decorated with lace tongues and silk bows through golden buckles. On his head the Prince wears a white powdered wig tied at the back with a black silk ribbon.

Cinderella's magnificent ball gown is made in prettiest sugar pink silk, trimmed with silk bows. Her bodice is fitted with three-quarter length lace-frilled sleeves and a fancy golden stomacher. Around her neck she wears a white lace ruff trimmed with a tiny silk bow. Her over skirt is scalloped with silk bows and tiny sparkling crystals. An underskirt of metallic gold silk is richly embellished with lace, sequins, golden braid and delicate glittering flower trim. Underneath Cinderella wears lace-trimmed cotton pantaloons and matching petticoat along with her shimmering fancy 'glass' slippers. Her Georgian style white wig is piled high on her pretty head with a pink feather nodding over her curls. In her hand she carries a bejewelled feather fan.

The Fairy Godmother wears golden spectacles and carries a sparkling magic wand.