Little Princess Elizabeth I


Introducing a brand new miniature doll By Angelique Miniatures: Little Princess Elizabeth, future Queen of England, aged four years old. 

Elizabeth Tudor was born, the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, on 7th September 1533 at the royal manor house at Greenwich. After the execution of her mother in 1536, nobody could have imagined that this little girl would eventually be Queen of England for 45 years. 

This charming little porcelain doll stands just four and a quarter inches tall and captures the innocence of early childhood. Little Elizabeth wears a perfect miniature copy of adult Tudor costume of the time, with a gown of sea green silk over a richly embellished gold silk brocade underskirt panel and matching under-sleeves. 

Underneath she wears lace-trimmed cotton pantaloons and petticoat and tiny real leather slippers. Her rich auburn hair tumbles down around her shoulders in loose curls and around her neck is a delicate necklace of tiny pearls, each one individually applied.