Autumn - from "Autumn Concerto"


Another Original Angelique Clea Bella Ballet Costume!

Clea plays the part of Autumn in the Ballet, "Autumn Concerto". Clea wears a richly coloured dress consisting of a lined bodice of velvet in a wine shade with 'lacing' of gold braid. The neckline and sleeves are trimmed with lace and more gold braiding.

The skirt of the dress is made from chiffon and has glittering gold net frills, delicately falling in points to represent the falling leaves of autumn. Clea's matching head dress symbolises the shades of autumn leaves and the weakening rays of the sun.

Also included is a pair of plain wine coloured knickers.

These tutus, along with all the Clea range I offer, have been faithfully reproduced as close as possible to the real thing. Frills are applied individually to the hip area - not the waist! The bodice is then fitted over this, ensuring a perfect outline for your doll....