Swanhilda - from "Coppelia" ~ Choice of 2 Designs


The lovelorn Swanhilda is a real beauty in her traditional central European style outfit.  Goodness knows why Franz preferred an automated doll!

A lovely, dainty rosebud patterned material has been used for the skirt of this dress with a row of ribbon and scalloped lace near the hem. Over this is a truly beautiful silk apron, edged with a richly embroidered deep lace.
The lace on the apron edge matches that used for the sleeves of the bloused bodice. The bodice front is laced and braid in shades of pink and red have been used to line the edge.

Underneath, Clea has petticoat - pants and wears a glorious floral head-dress of roses and ribbons.

Swanhilda version 2: Here is the NYCB doll wearing an alternative colour scheme of this lovely costume. This time I have used reds and whites to create a fresh and bright image.

These tutus, along with all the Clea range I offer, have been faithfully reproduced as close as possible to the real thing. Frills are applied individually to the hip area - not the waist! The bodice is then fitted over this, ensuring a perfect outline for your doll....