Forest Fairy Harp

Forest Fairy Harp - Front View

Forest Harp - Back View

Down in the woods where the wild bluebells grow,
Hear the fairy harp playing sweet and slow.
To the magical notes the harpist sings,
Of love and joy and fairy things.
Angelique Miniatures 2009

This lovely hand-crafted wooden fairy harp stands just over seven inches tall and approx. four inches wide (at the widest part).

The main harp frame was made by my father and was strung, painted and decorated by me.

This magnificent miniature harp has been painted with a rich metallic gold paint and sealed with golden holograph glitter. The main frame and base of the harp has been hand-embellished with fancy gold patterned ribbon, gold looped braid, golden cherubs and jewelled filigrees. The harp has been hand-strung with the finest of golden wire. 

Dozens of tiny hand-dyed pink and purple flowers along with delicate greenery festoon the beautiful harp, each little bloom having been individually applied. 

A truly stunning instrument to grace any fairy home.