Bluebell Fairy 

This beautiful Fairy, hand-crafted in fine bisque porcelain, stands just five and a half inches tall. She wears a purple silk over-gown with large puffed sleeves, laced over a golden bodice and trimmed with floral braid. Under this is a pink silk gown scalloped at the hem with the tiniest hand-dyed flowers. On her tiny feet are purple silk pointed- toe slippers decorated with little crystals.

Underneath she wears fine cotton lace-trimmed pantaloons and a delicate lace petticoat peeps out from underneath her gown. Her beautiful blonde curls tumble down around her shoulders from a crown of pink and purple flowers and delicate greenery. Her shimmering rainbow wings sparkle with golden hologram glitter and tiny aurora crystals. Around her swan-like neck is the smallest of golden hearts set with a purple crystal and she wears two tiny crystal ‘rings’ on her delicate fingers.

This fairy is supplied with a removable stand, placed around her waist under her clothes to steady her and stop her from falling over. Her torso is wired at the waist and her upper legs and upper arms are also wired to give her some ‘poseablilty’.  The ‘veins’ in her wings are made of golden wire so that the wings can also be posed.