Holding Court Fairy

Calm and serene, the Fairy Queen holds court from her favourite golden throne.
To all who attend her, she bestows beautiful flowers upon them,
that she has personally selected from her magical gardens.

This lovely Fairy, hand-crafted in fine bisque porcelain, if standing would be just five and a half inches tall. She wears a deep pink silk over-gown with hanging sleeves, laced over a golden bodice and trimmed with dusky-rose and gold braid. Under this is a pale pink silk gown trimmed at the hem with glittering golden lace. On her delicate feet are silk pointed-toe slippers decorated with flowers and sparkling crystals. Underneath she wears fine cotton lace-trimmed pantaloons and a delicate lace petticoat peeps out from underneath her gown. Her beautiful blonde tresses cascade down over her shoulders from a crown of tiny pink flowers and delicate greenery. Her shimmering rainbow wings sparkle with golden hologram glitter and tiny aurora crystals. Around her swan-like neck is the smallest of golden hearts set with a shining crystals and pearls and she wears a tiny crystal ‘ring’ on her delicate finger.
In each hand, she hold flowers and greenery with yet more flowers placed in her lap and at the front of her bodice.

(This fairy’s torso is wired at the waist and her upper legs and upper arms are also wired to give her some ‘poseablilty’. Her feet are slightly pointed to give a pleasing look in her sitting position.
The ‘veins’ in her wings are made of golden wire so that the wings can also be posed.)

The lovely hand-crafted wooden fairy throne stands nearly seven inches tall (at the tallest point, including flowers) and two and a quarter inches wide. It is hand-painted with a stunning metallic gold paint, pink-gold wash and sealed with golden holograph glitter. The sides of the throne have been hand-embellished with fancy golden braid and golden cherubs and jewelled flower filigrees decorate the top of the throne further. Dozens of tiny hand-dyed pink flowers along with delicate greenery bestow the top of the throne and each little bloom has been individually applied. The seat of this stunning throne is covered with a braid-trimmed silk cushion with golden tassles. A truly beautiful piece of furniture to grace any fairy palace. 

Original sold but similar available to order.