The Mystic Waters Collection

Mystic Water Mermaids

For the Oceans of the World around.

Arctica, Atlantica, Indianna and Pacifica - 

With  a Queen for all who is crowned.

And a Sleeping Mermaid for the Rhine,

Whose voice is deadly, but divine....

Arctica Guardian of the Arctic Ocean sits tall and proud, watching over her frozen realm. Her pale green and silver tail and long blonde hair are decorated with ‘seaweed’ and pearls and round her elegant neck hangs a glittering silver necklace. This icy sea maiden’s beautiful singing can be heard throughout the Arctic Circle
Atlantica Guardian of the Atlantic Ocean reclines seductively listening to the sound of the Atlantic from her magic shell. Her deep green and gold tail is draped in ‘seaweed’ and pearls and her long flowing auburn hair is adorned with shining golden scallop shells. Around her neck is a sparkling green necklace. This watery temptress has a liking for young sailors and lures many a young man into her cave, never to be seen again.

Oceana Queen of All Oceans and Seas sits resplendent with her sparkling multi-toned tail curled around her. Her pure white hair is dressed with strings of iridescent beads, ‘seaweed’ and pearls. Two golden sea horse combs adorn these wonderful tresses and her head is topped with a frosted glass crown studded with ‘emeralds’. In her hand she holds a magic sea shell horn with which to call all the creatures of the deep to her. This most powerful of Sea Queens can sink a ship in an instant or command a raging sea to calm

Pacifica Guardian of the Pacific Ocean soars up through the waves, leaping high out of the water, her purple tail sparkling in the sunlight. This stunning blonde maid of the deep wears a necklace of ocean blue and her hair and tail are draped with ‘seaweed’ and pearls. Be sure to close your ears to this siren’s beautiful singing though, or she will lure you into her ocean to live with her forever

Indianna Guardian of the Indian Ocean thoughtfully watches over the sporting dolphins as they leap playfully around her. This pretty mermaid has pale brown flowing hair held with delicate golden scallop shells and a tail of gold and green. Both her hair and tail are draped with ‘seaweed’ and tiny pearls and she wears a necklace of deep sea green. Indianna is a gentle maiden and has saved many a drowning sailor
The Sleeping Lorelei slumbers peacefully on her rocks in the German River Rhein her pale golden tail wrapped protectively around her. Her long blonde hair is decorated with river plants and pearls and a glittering silver necklace hangs around her neck. Should this water maid awake and start to sing, close your ears all sailors or she will wreck your boat on the sharp rocks around her.


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