Fairy of Spring and New Life

‘The Faerie of Spring and New Life’ is a brand new creation from Angelique Miniatures.

This stunning Faerie wears a flower and braid trimmed, green silk gown with wide hanging sleeves, lined with gold to match her laced bodice. Under this is a creamy silk gown hitched to carry the flowers she has picked along the wayside. On her tiny feet are matching silk pointed toe slippers decorated with tiny flowers. Underneath she wears fine cotton pantaloons and a delicate ivory lace petticoat peeps out from underneath her gown. Her beautiful blonde tresses tumble down around her shoulders from a crown of primrose-yellow and forget-me-not-blue flowers and delicate greenery. Her stunning silvery wings sparkle with golden hologram glitter and tiny pale green crystals.

In her hand she carries a hand-crafted straw basket, draped with green and cream silk petals and primrose silk bows. Nestling inside amongst all the flowers is her precious new baby.

The lovely unicorn is dressed in a green silk ‘coat’ trimmed with matching braid to match his reins and bridle. His hooves are painted with golden glitter paint and his tail, mane and legs are decorated with spring flowers and greenery. His head is decorated with tiny green crystals and his horn is covered with a wonderful holographic golden glitter. Across his chest hang three golden bells on flower-trimmed chains.

Original sold but similar sets available to order.

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