Queen Anne Neville

One twelfth scale miniature porcelain doll standing approx five and a half inches tall.

Anne Neville was the beloved wife of King Richard III and mother to his only child, a son, who sadly died before he reached adulthood.

Queen Anne wears a fine gown of golden silk jacquard trimmed with fancy braid, in the long sweeping style of c.1485. This stunning gown is high-waisted with long tight close-fitting sleeves and a low neckline that reveals the top of her claret silk under-gown. She holds up the hem of her over-gown with one hand to show the rich braid-embellished silk of her under-gown.

Underneath her top clothing are silk stockings, and real leather slippers. On her head she wears the popular ‘butterfly’ headdress with a delicate silk chiffon veil draped over its wired antennae. On her fingers are several crystal ‘rings’ and around her neck is a jewelled golden necklace.