'Once Upon A Time' - The Little Goose Girl


'Once Upon A Time' is part of new deluxe Collection of miniature dolls I have created with attention to authenticity, intricate detail and using only fine fabrics.

‘Once upon a time there was a little goose girl who was really a beautiful princess…….’

A lovely one twelfth scale doll with six resin geese. 

This very pretty lady doll is dressed in a most attractive Alpine style costume with bare feet and golden blonde hair braided around her head. The skirt of the dress is made in a tiny delicate floral stripe cotton with a lace-trimmed apron. The deep pink bodice is decorated with white lace around the neck and seed beads at the centre front and has full lace-trimmed white cotton blouse sleeves. Under the costume she wears white lace and cotton pantaloons and matching petticoat.

 The doll carries one of the geese under her arm while the rest of the gaggle wait expectantly at her feet.