Queen Isabella of Angouleme

One twelfth scale miniature porcelain doll standing approx five and a half inches tall.

Queen Isabella of Angouleme was King John’s much younger and most adored second wife. She wears the French high fashion of a young woman of c.1215.

The Queen’s claret silk over-gown is edged around the neck, cuffs and hem with rich red and gold silk brocade and metallic braid. The gown is trained at the back and has long tight sleeves. This is worn over an old-gold silk under-gown and is belted at the waist with a filigree studded long hanging real leather belt.

Underneath Queen Isabella wears silk stockings, and delicate real leather slippers with pointed toes.

Around her Majesty’s royal shoulders is a long dark green silk cloak, fastened across the chest with golden filigrees. Her hair and neck are completely covered by a fine silk wimple and on her head she wears a delicate golden jewelled filigree crown.